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Passport to Double Your Company's Income

After many years of traveling and doing business around the world, it is simply amazing to me why so many of my counterparts in business refuse to even acknowledge they have the potential to serve a global market. Even more astounding, however, is that just a small fraction of the USA’s five million small business owners even have a passport.

Too bad but I think things are finally changing. Even with the global headlines, there is a growing understanding that most of today’s consumers, in fact an overwhelming majority of them, live outside the U.S.

My mission to educate as many of them as possible and work as a coach or a consultant to those who have active possibilities for cross-border commerce. For most who do not have the time nor the budget to hire someone like me, there are some incredible options.

One way for American small business to get a “passport” is to participate in the PayPal “Passport” program. I recently attended a session to learn more about what they offer and it is attractive.

PayPal, in its effort to spur cross-border commerce, has introduced the program saying that by 2025, there will be 108 billion new consumers on the planet, spending more than $30 trillion annually and that the current value of global trade now exceeds $307 billion.

In fact, the most recent cross-border commerce day far exceeds the amount spent on so-called Black Friday. The world spent $8.2 billion, with a b, in a single 24-hour period in 2013. Cross border commerce from Brazil, it claims, will increase by 546% in just four years.

Sure, there are obstacles. Seasonal sales peaks, customs, shipping fees, logistics, etc. But PayPal has a staff standing by to help on a country-by-country basis. If you’re interested, you can get all of this free advice at

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