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For two decades, David N. Young has excelled in strategic public affairs and has worked with global decision makers, Fortune 500 companies, top U.S. government agencies and many organizational interests on a variety of projects. Each project had a similar need. They all required vision, diligence, honed messaging, and integrated strategies in order to succeed. 


David is an award winning journalist whose ability to craft words has been recognized since high school (journalism award) and has carried him around the world, helping governments message each other, helping business cross borders and developing strategies for a number of major corporations.


Now living and working in Los Angeles, he is writing several books and has developing a thriving consulting practice. Today’s world demands nimble, dynamic and integrated strategies, that much is a badly kept secret.


The only barrier between corporate success, a businessman's dreams and an organization's assistance is a  few simple words and strategic thoughts. Why do only a few succeed when we all must use the same set of words? Obviously, how we arrange them makes all the difference.


From Main Street to Wall Street, David’s advice and ability to think has been instrumental in accomplishing a number of complex and challenging assignments around the world. He's worked in dozens of countries and on five continents.


David manages a team of experts and associates he's met and worked with from around the world. He's traveled with Gorbachev, worked with President Clinton, helped President Bush publish and distribute a bio across Russia, and over his career worked with hundres of companies and groups on public affairs challenges.


When applied lightly, David's "thinklinx" can be rocketfuel for great ideas whose time has come.  


David N. Young

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