DGT Delivery Services
DNYA is creating a platform and outreach services for DGT Delivery of Orlando, FL serving the greater gulf market for small parcel delivery.
Andrea Arlington
DNYA is working with Andrea Arlington, the former reality tv star, on a book entitled F@cked Up at 50 and an accompanying educational program.
Destination Red
DNYA is currently working with HBO Documentary filmmaker David Foos on producing a drama for theatrical release on the "The Mars Generation" starring Alyssa Carson.
SeeMetrics Partners
DNYA is working with Bahaa Moukadam to develop outreach strategies for a consulting business seeking companies up to $100 million ready to scale.
North American Treaty Alliance
DNY performed logistical and strategic planning services for the first NATO meeting ever to be held in the former Soviet bloc. Worked with Supreme Allied Commander's office.
ABB Group
One of the largest companies in the world, DNY Associates provided strategic assistance support to their projects in Eastern Europe.
NRG Energy, Inc.
DNY has repeatedly advised this public company, the largest merchant power company in America. DNY wrote the strategy to create a public affairs plan for the company, create an office in Washington DC, and together with his partner, Jim Creaghan, put together a team of lobbyists and strategists that assisted in establishing a strong presence for the company in Washington. DNY has also created a load of specially made electric bikes for NRG in northern Italy and imported them into the USA.
U.S. Trade Development Agency
DNY has provided repeated supported for UDTDA agency with incoming and outgoing delegations of business delegations seeking to make cross border commercial connections.
BASF Corporation
DNY served two years on site consulting service for BASF providing strategic communications advice during a major corporate restructuring. Later, DNY was hired by the BASF Office in Washington, DC to create a public affairs employee organization for the company. DNY created the organization, the "BASF Capital Club" which attracted more than 5000 employee members not long after being established.
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David N. Young conducts business through DNY Associates, a Dun and Bradstreet registered limited liability corporation. DNY has developed a unique ability to succeed at strategic outreach objectives and in the process successfully implemented major government contracts, assisgnments from Fortune 500 companies and as well successfully assisted small businesses and mom and pop firms with challenges local to global.Our experience on all five continents gives us unique perspectives and trusted contacts that can save your organiztion immense amounts of time and significant amounts of money in overcoming your challenges to success. Having literally worked with hundreds of companies, here is a chosen sampling of successful projects with a broad mis of companies and organizations. For a copmlete list, please download the PDF file here.