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Content is the new currency of choice.

A smattering of recent projects. 

We connect. 
Let's face it, we live in a world of 24/7/365 and content is the new currency that makes it all work. Without it, your message fails to connect and your brand stalls.
There are profound realities in the new digital world. Your message must always be authentic, relevant and in context.
Even though we understand that content is the new currency, the limiting factor for most is we must all use the same set of words to create it.
That's why we stand out.
DNYA is a vitual team of talented content creators who can systematically generate relevant, imaginative and mission critical content while also making it contextually authentic for your audience. 
We have strategic partnerships with developers with coders, app developers and software integration experts if needed, but we provide the most value simply outsourcing your content creation to us.
David N. Young is an award winning journalist, editor and public relations executive who has consistently demonstrated experiential excellence in the ability to conceive, create and deploy integrated content strategies. He has written speeches for public officials, created content for major corporations and has helped many businesses and organizes effectively connect to their audiences 



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